The 33cm Band

The 33cm band, or 900MHz, has become a bit more popular lately. I’ve been hearing some other operators around the DFW GTXmetroplex talk about running a 900MHz radio, either in the shack or in the truck, and that more and more hams are starting to join-in with the fun. Well, count me in!

One of my on-air friends informed me of a source he had for purchasing 900MHz radios at a really low price. Brand new radios, I believe. I have reached out to this source and am awaiting a reply, but I could shortly find myself owning some Motorola GTX mobile units and possibly a Spectra HT.I actually already have a Motorola GTX HT, courtesy of K5DPP, that I have used just a bit. He gave me the radio and battery, but didn’t have any extra chargers, so I had to order one online. I haven’t received it yet, so I am not using the HT very often, trying to conserve the battery.

If things go correctly, I will soon have a new mobile radio in the shack and the truck for 900MHz.

Here is a list of repeaters within a 50 mile radius of Grapevine. I think this list might be outdated, though. I’ll do some digging to make sure I find all the local repeaters:

Frequency Tone Call Location ST/PR Use Operational status
927.0125- 110.9 WB5IDM Azle TX OPEN ON-AIR
927.1750- 110.9 N5KRG Carrollton TX OPEN Testing
927.0625- D432 N4MSE Dallas TX OPEN ON-AIR
927.4125- D432 N5LS Denton TX OPEN ON-AIR
927.6625- N5LS Denton TX OPEN ON-AIR
927.6125- 110.9 W5NGU Denton EOC TX OPEN ON-AIR
927.0375- 110.9 KD5OBX Duncanville TX OPEN ON-AIR
927.0250- D532 N5ERS Flower Mound TX OPEN ON-AIR

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  1. Kent says:

    Don’t forget about the Farmersville repeater.

    • jape says:

      Yep true, but that repeater wasn’t on repeaterbook when I posted this original post. Here is that info:
      927.0750- D432 Farmersville Collin W5GDC OPEN ON-AIR


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