Broadband HamNet – HSMM MESH

This is something cool I heard about a while back, but just now started doing some real research on.  Thanks to KC5ONZ for explaining how a MeshNet can be used in Ham Radio, and thanks to WA5YSX for informing me that there is already a huge network covering most of N. Texas for ham-only activity.

All the info you want to know is here – read the page titled “Just Getting Started? Read This”

In short, this is a wireless network that is separate from the standard WIFI network used by the public.  With certain routers you can change frequencies that the router uses, which fall inline with ham-usable frequencies, and setup a sub-network to communicate only with other hams.  From what I understand there is an entire network already covering DFW, with Nodes setup on towers and buildings that any WIFI router, after modification, can connect to, and allow the operator to use this network for communications with other hams.

I’ve only just begun reading about it, so I don’t have all the info yet.  However, I think I have found a router that will work for this application, so I plan to setup something soon.


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  1. Craig N5LNX says:

    I have a total of 4 nodes, one is at the Hurst EOC and the other 3 we used on Field Day for logging. Yesterday, I got them all flashed over to the new Broadband-Hamnet version (they were HSMM-Mesh) and gave one to KC5ONZ to test with since he only had one. We live close enough that all we need are a couple of Yagis for 2.4Ghz and we should be able to not only link up our nodes between us, but with the EOC as well. I sense an antenna building project coming up!

    There is quite a bit of interest in NE Tarrant county as you mentioned. Several of the clubs had some discussion about doing an inter-city mesh by putting nodes on our respective water towers. It did get very far, but that would be *really* cool.

    There is also a non-ham version of this technology, called Project Darknet, based on similar (or same?) protocols.They don’t have the part 97 restrictions we do, but they can’t use the power and frequencies we can. Their goal is a totally separate network that is unconnected to the Internet, but they also use tunnels across the Internet for connectivity where pure wireless isn’t possible.

    • jape says:

      I’ve heard of Darknet and read a little about it.
      A friend has one of these routers he is going to give me. I’d appreciate some help in the hacking/setup of it to use on the hamnet.

    • jape says:

      What’s the difference between the new Hamnet version and the old HSMM Net?
      Are the nodes in Dallas and Mid Cities the new Hamnet version?

    • Kent says:

      It was a great turn out this morning for the Saturday group. It looked like there is a lot of interest in the BBHN network. Although I think it is still a month or two away fruition, I believe a mesh network will be up and running soon. Of course the next question to be answered, is “Now What”? What purpose will it serve? At the next gathering, I would propose that everyone sit down and list what they would like to see on the network. ROIP, VOIP, file servers, internet access, logging, remote rig control, video links for emcomm, repeater linking, Allstar node linking, etc, etc. It may be one goal, or several.

      Once a goal has been established for the networks use, I believe the nodes will go up much quicker to support the agreed to goals.

      • jape says:

        We meet every Saturday from 9 till 10-12. It kinda depends, but it isn’t unusual for the group to go until Noon.
        The “Now what?” Is a good discussion to have. I’ve thought that also. So yes, let’s plan that. Maybe around the first or second week in January. I can post a topic here that we can all chime-in to.


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