DMR Updates and Website Links

This list is bound to expand as new repeaters come online.  Here is the current list as of the date of this post.

This is a good site for everything DMR releated.  Get your userID here also – DMR-MARC

Here is a Worldwide list – DMR Repeaters

DMR Repeaters in Texas
ID Callsign City State Country Frequency Offset Trustee IPSec Network
314807 KE5CJE Lufkin Texas United States 440.7250 +5.0M KE5CJE
314803 N1WP College Station Texas United States 444.5500 +5.0 M N1WP LonestarNet
314802 W5EBQ Dallas Texas United States 440.6375 +5.0 M W5EBQ LonestarNet
314805 KE5WFB Laredo Texas United States 440.6000 +5.0M KE5KAF KB1ISZ
314806 KE5WFB Laredo Texas United States 444.9750 +5.0M KE5KAF LonestarNet
314804 KE5PL Midland Texas United States 444.3625 +5.0M KE5PL West Texas Net/NorCal
314817 WV6H Patricia Texas United States 443.1875 +5.0M WV6H West Texas Net/NorCal
314815 N5LS Denton Texas United States 927.6625 -25.0M N5LS LonestarNet
314814 WV6H Abilene Texas United States 444.5375 +5.0M WV6H West Texas Net/NorCal
314813 WV6H San Angelo Texas United States 444.6625 +5.0M WV6H West Texas Net/NorCal
314801 W5EBQ Dallas Texas United States 441.3375 +5.0 M W5EBQ LonestarNet
314812 WV6H Amarillo Texas United States 444.9625 +5.0M WV6H West Texas Net/NorCal
314811 WV6H Lubbock Texas United States 444.6875 +5.0M WV6H West Texas Net/NorCal
314810 WV6H Notrees Texas United States 443.8875 +5.0M WV6H West Texas Net/NorCal
314808 KA3IDN Odessa Texas United States 444.2375 +5.0M KA3IDN West Texas Net/NorCal
314809 WV6H Gardendale Texas United States 444.8375 +5.0M WV6H West Texas Net/NorCal
314818 WV6H Plainview Texas United States 443.0375 +5.0M WV6H West Texas Net/NorCal
314816 N5LS Denton Texas United States 440.6625 +5.0 M N5LS LonestarNet

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  1. Larry says:

    Hi Jason,

    The Denton 900 MHz DMR repeater is going to be moved very soon to Downtown Dallas, for better coverage for the 900MHz users in the Metroplex.


    • jape says:

      Hi Larry

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, I knew the repeater was being moved to Dallas, but is it up an on the air yet? I didn’t think it was completed but I wasn’t sure. Once it is up and running, let me know and I will put up a new post about it. I believe this is still the only 900MHz DMR repeater in North America.



  1. […] 900MHz quite a bit lately, from hams talking on the 2m and 70cm repeaters, and others talking on DMR. Denton, TX has the only official (so I am told) 900MHz DMR repeater in the […]

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