Turn Your Smartphone into a 2-way Radio

This is one of those things that I have thought about before, but wondered if it would ever actually happen.  About 10 years ago, I thought of an idea for Icom of Kenwood – make a HT radio that ran a Smartphone OS.  Perhaps like Android today, since it is open source.  Well, BriCom didn’t do that, not exactly, but I think this might be the next best thing.



From BriCom’s website:

Alianza DxB, (Docking Cross Breed), is the first of its kind. Developed and patented by BriCom Solutions, LLC. The world’s first portable docking device that turns your iPhone or Android smartphone and tablets into a fully functional two way radio and Radio-over-IP gateway. Utilizing built-in multi-band RF components, secondary battery, and your smartphones voice and data, makes the Alianza DxB the ultimate accessory for the two-way radio industry.

Unlike Push-to-talk smartphone apps, this device allows a smartphone to communicate with a regular two-way radio (walkie-talkie). The combination of a real portable two-way radio (walkie-talkie) and a smartphone gives personnel, like public safety, complete access to all means of communication. Giving public safety personnel their familiar portable two-way radio functionality with the added accessibility to their smartphone’s Internet, video, camera and applications.

The Alianza DXB also turns your smartphone into a Radio-over-IP gateway, giving you the capability to communicate with another two-way radio (walkie-talkie) anywhere in the world.

No word on cost yet.  Per BriCom’s page, they are still in pre-production, the final stages, and are looking for a release in 2014.  You can believe that I will be picking one of these up for testing as soon as they are released.


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  1. jape says:

    Yesterday I emailed this company and inquired about a release date for their product. Here is their reply:


    Thank you for your recent interest in our product. The DXB will be on sale the 3rd quarter of this year and will be available in a few different models. Available in amateur, commercial and public safety version with. The fully redesigned DXB will make its debut during this year’s police and security expo in NJ this summer. Show casing it great feature including some new features that include Google Glass integration.

    Stay up to date on all the latest news, please feel free to sign up to our newsletter on our product page http://www.alianzahd.com

    Thank you,
    John Preston

    Product Specialist
    BriCom Solutions

  2. Chad says:

    pretty cool stuff — i think i commented on someone else blog a long time ago thinking the same thing — why hasn’t this been done yet!!! seems as tho its programmable from the phone — hope they dont use the same guts for amateur as they do for commercial or govt — easy way to hack ???

    will be keeping an eye on this


    • jape says:

      Chad, thanks for commenting.

      Yes, I am looking forward to this device. Not sure the differences between the models, maybe firmware? Could be programmable via SDR, which would be very very nice.

      I’ve heard rumors that the asking price will be around $400, but I was honestly hoping for about half of that. So time will tell.

  3. Milton Moore says:

    Just looking

  4. John Dyer says:

    Ant word on cost or release date?

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