Wouxun Memory Loss Issues

I haven’t experienced this problem myself, but I’ve been reading more and more about it lately, so I wanted to throw up a post here, just in case some of you aren’t aware.

Apparently there is a known defect with ALL Wouxun Model HT Radios, according to Ed from Import Communications, verified by Matt W1MST from AmateurRadio.com and the comments on that post. I also read reports from Brick and from Hans over at Hamgear.

Ed writes:

ALL Wouxun dual band radios have an internal defect that the factory refuses to address. They know there is a problem, they know how to fix it, but they will blame the problem on everything in the world except what it really is. Without warning, any of their dual band models can “lose memory”. One day when the radio is turned on, it will revert to speaking Chinese and the display will show channel numbers instead of channel names. Often the programmed channels themselves will be gone. Reprogramming the radio may restore it for a short time but often it’s cured for only one off/on cycle.

I have not had this issue myself, nor have I heard about it from any of the hams that I speak with locally. I know that several of them use a Wouxun radio.

Post here if you have ever had this problem. From these reviews above, it sounds like it is wide-spread, though Hans mentions that statistically, it is still a small percentage.

Also it seems that Ed has the new AnyTone AT3318 radios on sale for $99.  Well, those who know me know that I can’t pass-up a new HT.  So I’ll be ordering one of these soon and posting my review here.


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  1. Brick says:

    I look forward to your review of the AnyTone HT!


  2. NQ0M says:

    In my small town, there are about 12 Wouxun KG-UVD1P radios in operation. I own 2, 2 other local hams own 1 each, and about 8 were purchased by our local CERT group. Of those 12, 2 of them (including one of my own), exhibit this problem, and have since day 1.

  3. Tom ND5Y says:

    I bought a KG-UV2D in November 2010. A few months ago it began having the memory problem. I don’t know if this is the exact same problem other people are having. So far it only happens occasionally when switching from Frequency Mode (VFO) to Channel Mode (memory).

    What happens on mine is the top display goes to memory channel 0, which does not exist (the radio only has memories numbered 1-128).

    If the radio is set to CH mode (displays only the channel number) or NAME mode (displays alpha tag and small channel number) the display shows CH-000.

    If the radio is set to CHFREQ mode (display shows frequency small channel numbers) the displayed frequency shows ???.???? and channel 00.

    Changing channels by rotating the knob or pressing up or down keys appears to fix the problem. Powering cycling the radio causes a full reset and loses all memories and settings.

    I used CHIRP to download the radio when it was in this condition and CHIRP showed all the correct memories but the settings tab was missing.

  4. Bob Crifasi says:

    KC2RFC – I have that exact problem on the three HTs I have.

  5. Shane KJ4WLC says:

    Self Fix how-to on the Wouxuns. Hopes this helps keep these out of the trash can and in operation.


  6. Buddy says:

    A temporary fix before IC replacement
    I have been experiencing the same memory loss problems with my Wouxun. When I power off and power on it looses all memory. Sometimes it comes up with a blank screen and I have to do another power on cycle before it give me a screen to work with.
    Recently I have found that as long as I remember to power off in the frequency mode it retains it’s memory when powering on.
    I just have to remember to go to frequency mode when I power off at night.
    This is just a bandaide fix but I don’t have to reconfigure everytime….which I’m getting pretty good at 🙂


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