CSI-DMR Mobile Unit due to drop in Q3 of 2014

Jerry over at Connect Systems is turning out to be a fantastic resource for his CS700 DMR HT Radio.  Below is an email I traded with him about their new mobile unit that is due later this year.  I’ll be watching for this myself and will try to pickup one of the first units available, then of course will review CS700_WEBit on this blog.  Stay tuned.

Jason, kc5hwb kc5hwb@grapevinehamradio.com
Jan 29 (7 days ago)
Hi Jerry
I’m sorry I didn’t send a follow up before now, but I received my radio back from you last week, loaded my codeplug, and it is working great.  Thank you for the fast response.  I have written a review of the product and posted it on my blog:
I also wanted to inquire if you had any idea about the status of the Digital Mobile unit from CSI.  I know you have been working on the VHF handheld version, which is great, but I am more interested in a mobile unit at this time because there are no VHF DMR repeaters in my area.
Thanks again for the great customer service.
Jerry Wanger via grapevinehamradio.com 
Jan 29 (7 days ago)
Hi Jason,
It is scheduled to be finished late third quarter of this year. The estimated price is $280 but exact price has not been determined yet.

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