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Most people know that Baofeng re-brands the same radio over and over again, with a new model number and maybe a new covering, but essentially it is usually the same radio as the UV-5R.  However, I found a couple of new ones this week that I had never seen before, and while they are both very likely the same thing as the UV-5R, I still think I want the A52.  It is a really cool looking radio.  From the picture, it seems to come with the same crappy Baofeng stock antenna that most of them do, but that is easily replaced.  If Three Old Crows ever gets the A-V85 antenna back in stock, I’ll probably pickup a few of those to have on-hand for my various HTs.

BaoFeng-A52BAOFENG A52

Currently selling for $45.50

This is a neat-looking radio.  The buttons appear to all be the same as the UV-5R but the black casing and display are attractive.




Currently selling for $55

Not currently available on Amazon, so the link above is from 409shop.  I’ve never dealt with 409shop before, but I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.  Their prices seem very fair.



Etekcity® UV-5RU

Currently selling for $30.99

Granted, this isn’t a Baofeng, but it ap.pears to be the same radio.  It even has the same model number, as is very common among Chinese radio manufacturers.  Also, the UV-5R used to sell for under $30 on Amazon, but has since has inflated in its price.  This radio is currently the lowest priced, dual-band HT with a full display on Amazon.



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