My 3 Big Purchases of 2014

There are several new items related to Ham Radio that are being released this year; this list likely is just the tip of the iceberg. But out of the ones I have read about so far, these 3 things are the purchases I plan to make this year. These items are brand new and haven’t been released yet, but I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.

1. Connect Systems Mobile DMR Radio
I’ve blogged about the CS700 a few times, it is the current “hot ticket item” for DMR enthusiasts. Connect Systems has announced that they will release a DMR mobile unit in Q3 of this year. The anticipated price is about $260, but that isn’t set in stone. I’ve already spoken with Jerry at CSI and have been placed on the waiting list for one of the first models to arrive.

2. Alianza DxB for Samsung S3 Android
I also blogged about this item previously. This is a case that your phone drops into, which turns your smartphone into a radio. It is more than an app because it contains hardware components, but uses the CPU power of your smartphone to control the associated app that goes along with the hardware case. Anticipated to release very soon, Alianza has said they will have a commercial model and also a model for Amateurs, which will include 2M/70cm. The speculated price is around $400, but I’ve been unable to find any evidence of this price at all. $400 is a guess I have heard other hams mention, but seems to have no basis from the manufacturer.

3. Anytone AT-5888UVIII
I’m pretty sure this model number is correct, but either way, this will be the Tri-bander that Anytone has been rumored to release this year. Their dual-band mobile radio, the AT-5888UV was originally full of flaws and odd habits, but is said to have improved in later versions. The company will release an Tri-band, which includes 2M/220/440 for Amateur use. It is also rumored that a Quad Band is on the way, to compete with the Yaesu Ft-8900R and now the TYT TH-9800 which has been well-received in the ham community. Overall I believe that TYT is a stronger company than Anytone for mobile units, but the Anytone AT-3318UV radio that released late last year is a SOLID addition to any radio collection. If Anytone’s quality of future mobile units matches the AT-3318UV HT, Anytone is going to be a substantial competitor in the US Ham Radio market.


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  1. Doug says:

    I don’t read this site either…but if I could read good post on new gear

  2. Doug says:

    Considering that Alianza only raised $13,600 (from it’s Kickstarter request of $300,000) to start production, I think you might have to wait until well past 2014 to see any of these units.

    Personally, I think this is a solution looking for a problem that really doesn’t exist. Cell phones are small, lightweight and relatively cheap. HT’s can be had for less than $100 all over the place. So you end up spending $400 more for an extra battery and antenna to attach to your existing smartphone? I’d rather carry a $100 HT with my phone and pocket the extra $300 bucks.

    • jape says:

      Hi Doug,

      Yes, I can see your point. More than anything, I thought it was a neat combination to have. It probably wouldn’t be a replacement for the common HT, but it would certainly have it’s uses.

      I actually had this idea myself years ago, before Androids were even out, when I have a Palm Treo phone. The Palm Treo had a small antenna on top of the phone, so I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate a smart phone and an HT radio. When I saw that Alianza was doing this, I was able to see my idea come true, and I was immediately interested in buying one. So I still plan on picking one up, but it doesn’t look like it will be in 2014 at all.



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