Special invitation to operate W100AW/5

I received this in email this week….

Special invitation to operate W100AW/5

As you know, the ARRL is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year along with the Dallas Amateur Radio Club which is also celebrating 100 years. To commemorate these celebrations, The ARRL will be operating as W100AW/5 (W100AW/5 is not a typo – it’s a special call sign) at HamCom June 13-14 and is inviting local operators to experience the good side of a pile-up.

The event will be located in the air-conditioned comfort of Cletus, an emergency communications vehicle from Denton County. There will be three stations operating simultaneously on Icom 7600 radios. The operator can use CW or voice as he/she prefers. Each operator is allotted 30 minutes to make as many contacts as possible. Hours of operation are noon to 6 PM on Friday and 8AM to 3 PM on Saturday.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Please encourage all your members to go to http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d49aaa722a46-operate to reserve a slot in the schedule. A link to sign up and additional information is also available on the www.w5fc.org  web site. HamCom information can be found at www.hamcom.org.

There are two other needs which have sign up links on the www.w5fc.org web site: loggers and observers. We need loggers for each slot to help ensure that all calls are logged correctly. We also need Extra Class observers on site to act as control operators for those hams who may not have the license privileges normally needed for the band of operation.

Bottom line – if you’d like to participate in the unique event, sign up for a slot. Bring your FCC “pocket license” with you to HamCom and have a blast operating on the good side of a pile-up.

Bob DeVance, K5CRX
DARC Board Member and 100th Anniversary Committee member


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  1. Jim Pogue - KH2AR/W4 says:

    Just worked Dave at W100AW/5. Great job. What is the QSL route for this operation? Thanks and 73.


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