Trip to Galveston on 2 Meters

For Labor Day weekend we generally travel to Galveston to spend time with family.  This year is the first year I’ve packed a radio into the truck (my wife’s car) and also brought portable gear to setup a temp base station while staying at the beach house. I didn’t see much activity between Dallas and […] Read more »

Hamshack Desk Build

I build a Mancave a couple of years ago out in my backyard.  When I first built it, I had planned to install some ham gear in it, and now it has become more of a Hamshack than anything else.  I do have a computer/TV/surround sound in there also, in fact I am typing this […] Read more »

Purchasing Ham Radio Equipment

Over the course of the last month or two, while searching around for parts/radios/information, etc, I’ve found several websites that are handy  and useful to browse if you are wanting to purchase Ham Equipment.  My suggestions is to poke around several of these sites before making any purchases because sometimes a site won’t carry the […] Read more »