Hamshack Desk Build

I build a Mancave a couple of years ago out in my backyard.  When I first built it, I had planned to install some ham gear in it, and now it hasHam Desk 1 become more of a Hamshack than anything else.  I do have a computer/TV/surround sound in there also, in fact I am typing this post from my computer inside the Cave, but my current project is to build this place into more of a Hamshack.

Last week I built a desk in the back of the shack that spans the entire width of it.  It has a 2-layer top, which forms a shelf for storing gear/accessories inside of it, and since it is up against the back wall, I have the computer monitor mounted to the wall with an LCD-arm, and some shelves on either side.  This provides a good place for talking or working Echolink or Digital.

Ham Desk 2Ham Desk 3   This is the finished product and the left-side shelf.

Ham Desk 4This is the right-hand side with the shelf that is currently holding all my radios.