Trip to Galveston on 2 Meters

image For Labor Day weekend we generally travel to Galveston to spend time with family.  This year is the first year I’ve packed a radio into the truck (my wife’s car) and also brought portable gear to setup a temp base station while staying at the beach house.

I didn’t see much activity between Dallas and Houston, although I was impressed that the DFW Flame Thrower reached almost all the way to Corsicana before I wasn’t able to key it anymore.

Once I reached the outskirts of Houston, right around the Conroe area, I heard some guys talking on the 147.36 machine.  I listened for a bit before I keyed up and asked where this repeater was.  They were nice and greeted me, letting ke know where the repeater was located, so I identified myself as being from Grapevine, and suddenly everyone was calling my callsign and wanting to sign with me.  They were all very nice and asked me about some of the repeaters in the Dallas area.  I spoke to them almost all the way to Galveston and even after I wasn’t able to hit the repeater anymore, I could still hear them.

I’m going to setup the base station on the 3rd story balcony of this beach house, so it’ll be about 20+ feet in the air.  I have my Yaesu FT-8900 and a dual band J-pole antenna to work both 2M and 70 CM.  I’ll post more later.