USB Ham Radio Nets

hsr-5btv_xlI was listening to the Kilocycle Net on 146.84 on Tuesday night and heard some mention of some other nets in the area on Upper Sideband.  I didn’t check into the Kilocycle Net, I was planning to but it seemed like it was over very quickly and I was driving while it was going on, so I didn’t take the time to check in.  Hopefully I can next week.

Anyway, someone had mentioned a net called a Sidewinder Net on 2M USB.  I believe the frequency was 144.520MHz.  I didn’t catch the time, but they mentioned it happened on Wednesday nights.  I listened last night from about 7:30-8pm, but didn’t hear anything.  I tuned back over there around 8:20pm or so, and still didn’t hear anything.  So next week during the Kilocycle Net, I might ask the question and write down the correct info about this Net.  Hopefully I won’t be driving this time.

Also mentioned was a 10M net on 28.460MHz.  I don’t currently have a 10M antenna setup, but I have a 6M antenna attached to the HF side of my Icom 706, and I can often hear conversations on 10M with it.  I wouldn’t transmit with it though.  However, I listened last night right around 8pm and didn’t hear anything on this frequency either.  I am anxious to get my 10M setup and going, now that I know there is a Net on that band and also that I can talk on that band with a Technician license.  I plan to put up a vertical 5-band HF antenna.

More updates later.