My Trip to HRO

This week I am in San Francisco for work.  Of course I had to visit the Oakland HRO location, which is only about a 25 minute drive from where I am.  Sadly, these guys close at 5:30pm, which is the same time I am off work, so due to the distance, I had to run […] Read more »

MTC Sidewalk Sale Review

In my previous post I mentioned that I was attending the sidewalk sale at Main Trading Company last Saturday.  On their website they mention that they start with coffee at 6:30am, and the official event time is 7am-Noon.  I live 2 hours from their location, so in order to get there right as it started, […] Read more »

Sidewalk Sale at MTC Radio This Weekend

I’ve posted about Main Trading Company before, they are honestly the closest thing that DFW has to a Ham Radio retail store, and they aren’t even really in DFW.  They are located in Paris, TX. This weekend is their Sidewalk Sale, officially 6:30am-Noon.  It’s about a 2-hour drive from Grapevine, but I am not planning […] Read more »

Low cost Ham Radio Options

In 1994 when I first got my Ham license, most people I knew purchased an HT (handie-talkie) for their first radio due to the cost difference between HTs, mobile rigs or base stations.  This was back when Radio Shack actually sold radios (don’t get me started here, I could write an entire post about this […] Read more »

Gainsville Hamfest 2013 Review

This was my first time attending the Hamfest in Gainsville.  I had heard mixed reviews about the show from hams around the DFW area, on various repeaters, so I didn’t exactly know what to expect when I showed up there.  The show was supposed to go from 7am-1pm, but I arrived around 8:30am and left […] Read more »

Ham Radio Deluxe Download

Most people who have been around Ham Radio for any period of time have heard of Ham Radio Deluxe.  I’ve heard and read about it myself, but never used it.  Up until yesterday, I thought it was a paid-only application.  But after talking to some other hams on the 147.14 K5SLD machine yesterday, it turns […] Read more »

Portable Base Setup in Galveston

As per my previous post, this past Labor Day weekend I traveled to Galveston for a family vacation.  We left DFW on Friday morning and arrived around 4pm Friday afternoon.  We stayed until Monday, Labor Day, and left to come home around 10am that morning. This trip was the first time I had taken a […] Read more »