Ham Radio Deluxe Download

Most people who have been around Ham Radio for any period of time have heard of Ham Radio Deluxe.  I’ve heard and read about it myself, but never used it.  Up until yesterday, I HRD_logothought it was a paid-only application.  But after talking to some other hams on the 147.14 K5SLD machine yesterday, it turns out there is a free version also.  Or there was…

Yesterday was September 4th, 2013.  Up until then, there was an Archive link from the HRD webpage that listed download links for HRD’s older and free versions.  There was also a note on this page that the download links would be taken down on September 1, 2013.  Apparently they were a few days late.  And apparently I was right on time because I did manage to get the latest 2 versions of the free program downloaded.  I looked again today and the Archives page is no longer found.

There was a note on their page saying that anyone could host and link to these download files from their own server, as long as they didn’t charge for it.  So guess what, I am going to host those files here.  They are each about 95MB, so not possible to email.  But feel free to click the links below and download them.  I’d also appreciate any comments to this post, telling me how you like HRD and what you use it for.

73s All.

HRD version 52.43.6

HRD version 52.43.8