MTC Sidewalk Sale Review

In my previous post I mentioned that I was attending the sidewalk sale at Main Trading Company last Saturday.  On their website they mention MTC2that they start with coffee at 6:30am, and the official event time is 7am-Noon.  I live 2 hours from their location, so in order to get there right as it started, I would have to leave my house at 4:30am.  I am not a morning person, so needless to say, I didn’t plan to leave this early.  However, I did leave at 6:20am and made a couple of stops for breakfast and gas, and arrived at the store around 8:45am.  The sidewalk sale was all but over.  They still had 1 person there with a table, but everyone else had packed up and left.  This was disappointing because the weather was fantastic on this day.  I’ve decided that I want to go back and try again, but it will involve my having to leave Grapevine at 4:30am to get there at opening time and do some serious browsing.

This wasn’t a wasted trip though because I finally picked up my tower that I had bought from MTC on ebay.  I had also been wanting to make a trip to this store anyway because it is, sadly, the closest retail ham radio shop to my QTH.  They have some really cool stuff here and their prices aren’t bad at all for a retail store.  I definitely plan to make a trip back here.

Attached is a shot of the new Kenwood TS-990 All Mode HF Transceiver.  It is their new pinnacle radio, from what I have read.  It was hooked up and operating in the MTC store, listening to 40-meters.  The sound quality was outstanding.  Priced at $8000, I could only afford 2 of them 😉