My Trip to HRO

HROcheckinThis week I am in San Francisco for work.  Of course I had to visit the Oakland HRO location, which is only about a 25 minute drive from where I am.  Sadly, these guys close at 5:30pm, which is the same time I am off work, so due to the distance, I had to run out and see them today on my lunch break.

DFW really should have a store like this.  There are LOTS of hams in my area, I really think that a store like this would benefit.  Someone please tell me wife that we need to take out a business loan and open said store.  I will give you her email address, just comment on this post.

I am happy to say, I was fairly impressed. The selection of course was fantastic.  Great selection of everything – radios, antennas, coax, books, tuners, hardware, rotors, masts/towers, etc.  Lots of books also.  They had paperwork on all the local hamclubs, meetings, festivals, etc.  It was a central point for everything related to Amateur Radio in San Francisco.  Yet another reason why DFW needs one of these places (A Ham store in general, doesn’t have to be HRO)  But the part that impressed me most was their prices.  HRO used to one of the higher priced outlets in the Ham Radio world, but they have had to compete with online stores such as Gigaparts, and apparently have come down in price on many items.  I could have easily bought a new radio today, but I refrained 😉

They even had a fair amount of used equipment.  I found a sweet deal on a smaller antenna rotor for VHF/UHF antennas.  Slightly used, with a digital encoder and a remote for $80.  I Googled it just now and it is worth about $120 retail.  So I could save $40 by buying this now.  I might have to make another trip back here.

More to come later, I am going to try and work some 2M repeaters tonight.