Amateur General License Class in Hurst

harc_logoThe Hurst Amateur Club will offer an Amateur General Licensing class on two consecutive Saturdays, November 16th and November 23rd, from 8am until at least 5pm. A VE test session will be offered at the end of the class on the November 23rd.

This will not be your typical “exam cram” class where you just memorize the answers to the questions. The focus of the class will be on theory and practical application with demonstrations and examples.

With the amount of material to cover, you’ll need to arrive to class with some familiarity with the material. The books for the class will be available in early November and there will be pre-class homework to complete. Study will be required during the week between class sessions.

The book for the class will be the Gordon West’s “General Class Study Manual 2011-2015“. Please indicate when you RSVP whether you would like to purchase one at our cost (the more we order as a group, the greater the discount). The retail cost for the book from is $24.95.

Note: The meeting place is in a secured area and visitors need to be escorted. Contact W5HRC on the 147.100Mhz (PL 110.9hz) repeater for access