Belton Hamfest Tomorrow

Early tomorrow morning I will be driving down to Belton, TX for the Fall Hamfest.  They have this Hamfest twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring, and from what I am told, it will be one of the best Hamfests around.
You can see information about the Hamfest at this link:
I’ve never been to this Hamfest before, so this will be a nice, new experience.  The drive is about 2 hours and 20 minutes, according to Google Maps.  It officially starts at 7am, but word-on-the-air has it that people will be out there tonight for tailgate parties, etc, and early tomorrow morning for swap-meets.  My current plan is to wake up very early, around 4am, have a quick breakfast and hit the road.
There are several hams from the Six Shooter Net planning to go.  I’ve talked with several of them on the 145.33 2M repeater over the last few weeks, and I am hoping to meet a few of them face to face this weekend.  Several other hams from around the N. Texas area are also planning to go, so it should be a real fun time.
For the trip, I plan to monitor the following frequencies:
444.850 repeater
145.33 repeater
145.310 repeater in Eddy, TX.  Here is some info about this machine:
145.310 PL 123.0 Hz., is located in Eddy, TX on a tall tower at about 1550 ft. AGL. This repeater has coverage into about 20 counties or about 70 miles radius of Central Texas. It is used for Skywarn Weather nets and other nets when needed.  It is on an Emergency Power grid.
Coverage is from the IH-35 East-West split north of Hillsboro to the Texas Capital in Austin down south, West to San Saba, and East to near IH-45.
144.520 Simplex
146.82 – Belton Talk-In repeater