Ham Radio for Beginners, part 2

What are “meters”? You often hear Ham Operators refer to “2 meters” or “10 meters” when talking about radio frequencies and bands.  “Meters” in this usage means exactly what it sounds like: meters as a form of measurement.  A meter is a metric measurement of length, slightly longer than a yard.  When talking about radio […] Read more »

Ham Radio for Beginners, part 1

I’ve decided to write a series of posts that explains the basics of Amateur Radio; how to get started, the terms used, explanations of the hobby and why it is still so popular, etc. If you have any basic questions, feel free to comment on this post or any subsequent posts. The main question I’m […] Read more »

First contact on DMR

Last night I made my first contact on DMR.  A while back I picked up a Motorola XPR4350 radio, which has both digital and analog capabilities, but needed programming.  Thanks to Jay, W5GM, for programming the radio for me.  I took the radio home and keyed up several repeaters, but couldn’t find any DMR contacts. […] Read more »

Useful Websites for Mototrbo

I’m on a mailing list for information about Mototrbo rigs and information. I received this today and thought it was good to share.  Thanks to A new website is up.  It contains some very nifty freeware useful for those who wish to tinker or learn more about TRBO.  Just under the sheets is a boatload […] Read more »

Amateur General License Class in Hurst

On Saturday I participated in a class that the Hurst Amateur Radio Club was offering,  to assist with studying and upgrading to the General License for Ham Radio. It was scheduled to last from 8am to 5pm but we finished around 4:00.  We also took lots of breaks, so it was much shorter than I’d […] Read more »