Amateur General License Class in Hurst

harc_logoOn Saturday I participated in a class that the Hurst Amateur Radio Club was offering,  to assist with studying and upgrading to the General License for Ham Radio. It was scheduled to last from 8am to 5pm but we finished around 4:00.  We also took lots of breaks, so it was much shorter than I’d thought it would be,  but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.

I enjoyed the way the material was covered.  The Instructor had a power point presentation and presented the material like a real classroom environment,  and didn’t just read from the book.  In fact we didn’t even open the book,  but it is still needed for purposes of studying on your own, outside of the classroom.

We’ll finish up next Saturday and will take the exam at the end of the class. So by this time next week,  you’ll need to address me as General Jape.  Or at least /AG.

They’re going to be offering a Technician Clasd after the first of the year.  I’ll post more about that as I get more information,  but some friends of mine are planning to take it.