First contact on DMR

DMR1Last night I made my first contact on DMR.  A while back I picked up a Motorola XPR4350 radio, which has both digital and analog capabilities, but needed programming.  Thanks to Jay, W5GM, for programming the radio for me.  I took the radio home and keyed up several repeaters, but couldn’t find any DMR contacts.  The analog repeaters worked fine, and I also heard some GMRS activity.  This was about 2 weeks ago.

I raised the height of my dual-band J-pole antenna last week, so that I could reach out farther on the 70cm band.  Last night I finally had time to plugin my Mototrbo radio to the J-pole and was able to hear more GMRS activity.  I keyed a couple of the DMR frequencies, but didn’t hear any repeater tones come back to me, so I thought I wasn’t hitting the repeater at first.  But I threw my callsign out on one of the frequencies, and had another operator come back to me.  He was fairly new to DMR also, but he said there is no courtesy tone on the Mototrbo repeaters.  So perhaps I was hitting these repeaters all along, not sure.  I had thrown my callsign out before, but receive no response, so I assumed it wasn’t making the trip to the repeater.  It is possible that was incorrect.

DMR was fun.  We talked for only a few moments, but the other Ham gave me the name of a company out of California that builds/sells DMR radios, and it isn’t one that I had heard of before.  The company name is Connect Systems.  I’m planning to contact these guys about their CS-700 HT Radio.

I’ll post more on DMR later.  I’m hoping to expand my experience and contacts in this area very soon.