Friday Night Technet Worldwide

vk6bqq_CopyTonight I checked into this Worldwide net, run through a series of repeaters, IRLP, Echolink and All Star.  This is run by VK6BQQ from Jankadot, WA, Australia.

This was fun!  I’d never checked into a Worldwide net before.  The other night I checked into Handiham, and that was fun.  I’ll surely do that again, but talking to another operator in Australia was quite exhilarating.

I hears stations from all over the world.  London, Canada, British Columbia, Panama, several states within the U.S., and of course Australia.  There were probably more that I missed.

I suppose this is a taste of what HF will be like.  I never thought much about talking to hams or radio operators around the world, I was always more interested in talking to operators in my home area, whom I could build a relationship with, and talk to on a normal basis.  But I am starting to get the itch to work some world-wide stations now.

Tomorrow is the start of the General License class from the Hurst Amateur Radio Club.  After 2 Saturdays, and assuming I can pass the test, I will have my General ticket.  I have some plans to put up a couple of dipoles soon, to work some HF stations.  Mostly I gotta get something up for 10-meters before the band drops down again.  I heard someone talking the other day who said it should last for the Winter, so we will see.