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IRLPlogoTonight I happened upon a net running on the 443.450 Ft worth repeater, which is part of the NtXra repeater system, and was connected to an IRLP reflector at the time.  This was really cool because I found the net on 3 other repeaters locally, one in Dallas, one in McKinney and the last in Granbury.  I chose to listen to and checkin to the Ft Worth repeater because it is closest to my QTH.  But the other repeaters are part of the NtXra system, so I think they are all linked together.  I read just a bit on their website, so I am not sure all 4 of the repeaters I heard are part of their system, but I think they are.  Not sure about the Granbury repeater, 442.025, but the rest of them seem to be all operated by the same group.

The net controller was N6NFF, name of Doug.  He was in Sacramento, CA.  I heard stations from all over the country checking into this net;  all the way from CA and WA, over to VA and OH.  I thought I was going to be the only station checkin from Texas, but another station checked in right after me.  His name was Bob, but I didn’t catch his callsign; but apparently he is the person who connects the NtXra repeaters to the IRLP reflector.  I hope that I can catch up to him soon and introduce myself.

This was fun!  This is the first VHF net that I ever checked into that was running IRLP.  I did a Google search for the Handy Ham Radio Club but I couldn’t find anything.  I think if I checkin next week, I will ask if they have a website.

I’ll put this net up on my front page, but until then, here is the information:

443.450 pl127.3
Wednesday nights at 7pm CST

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  1. kc5hwb says:

    I found the Ham who linked these machines from Dallas to the IRLP. His name is Bob, callsign KF5HGU.
    Thanks Bob!

  2. My husband, Jim Church (WA6BHT), a HAM operator since he was 14, recently, & suddenly passed away @ age 72. He left behind a HUGE radio set up, of which I do not know what to do with! When I consulted with our attorney the other day he found your organization had been named as who to contact in the event of his passing. I would very much appreciate a return E-reply or a phone call @ (805)527-3229. Thank you, & sincerely –


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