Hurst Amateur Radio Club

Last night I joined the Hurst Amateur Radio Club.  This is the same group that is offering the General License Course and Exam that I posted about before.

I met a few of the members at the license class last Saturday, but there were many more people at the club meeting last night.  They have monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday night of every month, at 7pm.  This was my first time to attend one of those meetings.

I had 3 or 4 people whom I’d never met before walk up to me and introduce themselves.  They welcomed me to the class, asked how long I had been a ham, and asked where I lived.  I signed up for membership at the end of the same night.

Previously, about a year and a half ago, I attended meetings of the NETARC club for three or four months.  Never did anyone welcome me, ask my name or callsign, or take any interest in my presence there at all.  That isn’t to say that these operators were rude; they were nice enough, but they didn’t seem to care about new members joining their club or attending their meetings.  This is the same club who owns 4 repeaters in the area, 2 of them being in Grapevine, yet none of them are ever used.  The Hurst club also uses their repeater much more often.

I’m planning to attend and perhaps join a few more clubs in the Mid Cities area.  One of these days I might even try to start a club in Grapevine.  Neither Grapevine nor Colleyville has a club at this time, at least not that I have ever seen.