Useful Websites for Mototrbo

I’m on a mailing list for information about Mototrbo rigs and information. I received this today and thought it was good to share.  Thanks to

A new website is up.  It contains some very nifty freeware useful for those who wish to tinker or learn more about TRBO.  Just under the sheets is a boatload of info and capability missing from the front panel of a TRBO radio.

This website is sponsored by the fellow who has created Transit TRBO, the commercial software that actually can be useful for hams.Well worth taking a look at both sites:            


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  1. Jon says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I’ve been wanting to try TRBO for a while now. Do you know if they have any Nets or checkin times?

    • jape says:

      Hi Jon, thanks for commenting.
      I’ve been researching that myself. I’ve seen emails referring to a Net where everyone can checking, but I don’t know what day or time it is held. I’ll continue researching and will post here again once I find it.

  2. jape says:

    Hey Jon, did you find this? It is located at
    Weekly Nets

    Join us for our
    Worldwide DMR-MARC Net

    Saturdays @ 1700 UTC
    Worldwide Talkgroup (1) Tech Net

    Thursdays @ 0200 UTC
    N. America Talkgroup (3)

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