Friday Night Ragchew on HARC 147.100 Repeater

Tonight we had several people join in for an unplanned Ragchew on the 147.100 HARC repeater.  This repeater is located on Fire Station #2 in Hurst, TX, and is a good repeater covering the Mid Cities area.  The repeater is used regularly, but usually not for long periods of time.  Tonight we changed that tradition.

Several of us who normally talk on the 147.14 repeater in Arlington on Friday nights moved over to this repeater tonight just to “chew the fat”.  Today, with the ice storm and sleet, I was at home all day and it is easier for me to hit the Hurst machine from my house on my HT.  KC5ONZ and I are new members of the Hurst club, so he and I were already on this machine, and others just came over to join us (I guess we are popular).

Thanks to all who joined us tonight.  It was a fun conversation.  I’d like to see us continue this tradition.  I’ve been monitoring this repeater for a month or 2 now and I would like to see it become more active.  Out of all the clubs I’ve been to in Mid Cities, there are the nicest folks I have met so far.

Tonight we had the following Hams who participated.  We’d always love to see more callsigns added to this list


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  1. Craig says:

    I listened to most of the ragchew on the scanner while I was doing other things in my office. I’d love to see this become a regular thing as well. I’ve thought about spinning up another, less formal net besides our regular Sunday one, but there hasn’t really been much support for it until recently.

    Regarding the repeater, it’s actually at the Hurst water tower near TCC. I think it has pretty good coverage for its power. I could work it mobile for my entire commute from Plano. We also have a couple of hams from Stephenville that check in once a month or so to our Sunday night net. I’m always amazed when they check-in.

    Definitely glad to have you and KC5ONZ in the club and I appreciate all of complimentary things you’ve been saying about the club.



    • jape says:

      Thanks for commenting, Craig.
      I originally thought the repeater was at the First Station itself, but I learned the true location last Saturday at the meeting. I agree it has pretty good coverage. I lived in Lewisville when I first became a Ham and I remember this repeater being a good one from that location.

      A new informal net would be good. Let me know how I can help. I think people would join if they knew about it. Several of our friends from Arlington would likely participate. Once it got going I bet it would snowball up to be pretty popular.

    • Butch says:

      Let’s keeep the friday night ragchew going ….. invite all to join in

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