Grapevine Ham Radio Google Hangout

google_plus_2In an effort to increase communication about ham radio related topics, for those of us who can’t talk on the radio at work, or for new people who are interested in ham radio and need more information, I have created a Google Hangouts group called Grapevine Ham Radio.  I made it a private group, accessible by invitation only, so that I could control who is added.  My purpose isn’t to keep anyone out, but rather to keep the topic on Amateur Radio talk, and keep out anyone who might be abusive or spam other members.

Anyone truly interested in Ham Radio, especially in the DFW area, is welcome to join.  You can access Google Hangouts via your Android Phone, iPhone or your computer.  If you use Google Chrome as a browser, there is an extension you can use to make it a bit easier to chat.  No installation of software is required.  You can also bring up chats from a Gmail website or from your Google Plus account webpage.

If you are interested in joining the conversation, please either comment here or contact me via email.  You can find me via my callsign on G+ or Facebook, Twitter

I’d like lots of people to join.  The more the better.  Especially if you know more about Ham Radio than I do and can share your knowledge!