Ham Radio for Beginners, part 3

How Do I get an Ham Radio License?
The short answer:  Pass a 35-question test with a 74% or higher grade (26 questions)
Most Ham Radio Clubs will give you a test to get a license.  If you aren’t aware of a club near you, just Google your city name followed by the terms “Amateur Radio Club” ex. ‘Hurst Amateur Radio Club’ will find the website www.w5HRC.org.
There is currently no Amateur Radio Club in Grapevine, but I am working on that 😉
Buy a book to study the questions.  A great resource is Gordon West’s series of books.  You will need a Technician Class Study Guide if you are a new ham and don’t have a license.  There are currently 3 classes of licenses; Technician, General and Extra.  You can take the tests in any order, but you have to take a pass the Technician Class test before you can actually operate any radios at all.  So while the tests don’t have to be done in order, the first one must be completed before you can use any of the licenses.
There are several good websites with information and practice tests for ham exams.  The links below are just a few of the more popular ones.
If you are good at studying on your own, and learning in that way, then the above information should be all you need to learn the material and pass your ham license test.  If you learn better in a classroom setting, where you can ask questions and get a better understanding of the material in depth, then reach out to your local Ham Club and ask them about classes.  There are at least 3 clubs that I know of in the DFW area that offer these classes.  I’d guess there are more than that, but these 3 I have spoken with directly about classes.  Hurst is a great one, for Technician Classes and the higher licenses also.  Most clubs that offer classes do so for free; their main interest being to get people interested in ham radio.
Feel free to comment here or contact me directly with any questions.  My goal is to find new hams and get people licenses who want them.