Hamshack Redesign

I’m rearranging my desk and shelves in the hamshack to make room for more radios and equipment.  Here is the latest pic.  It isn’t completed yet, but I wanted to post these anyway.  More to come later.




shacksetup1On the shelves are the following radios:


Top shelf – Radio Shack HTX-212.  Not currently online.


2nd shelf – MFJ Watt meter and RF Concepts 200-watt 2-meter amp.


Bottom shelf (top) – Kenwood TM-741a (2m/70cm) TYT TH9000 (1.25m)


Bottom shelf (bottom) – Icom 706 MKIIg


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  1. Hi Jason my name is Christian
    Looking for random stuff in good ‘ol Craigslist I notice your add and the link to your blog which by the way is very well designed and with lots of information.
    So I am in need of direction …
    In the year of 1990 at age 17 I was introduced into the beautiful world of a CB radio lol
    In the year of 2000 I was introduced into the marvelous world of HAM radios and in 2001 at the time I was able to buy a new ICOM707 (I think that’s the model, but I can be wrong) in 2001 I was also able to obtain my ham radio license FCC call sing K5COA so long story short right after 9/11 I joined the ARMY went to war, kill me some for you and me…I know my license expired on 2011 and I lost everything regarding this fcc license.
    Any input will be greatly appreciated

    Very Respectfully,

    MOS 11B

  2. jape says:

    Hi Christian
    You can renew your ham license for 1.5 years after it expires, but if it has been longer than that, you will need to retake the test again and get a new callsign.
    Once you have done that, you can request a Vanity Callsign and get your old callsign back, if no one has claimed it already.
    Where are you located?

  3. Hey Jason,
    Thanks for the bad news, hahaa! just F’ing with you

    Big SARGE taking a new freaking test would take some time for me, my freaking memory is not as good as it used to be back in 2001 LOL

    I promise I will get it back so no biggy, I think I still have my handbook lol
    As to where I live… I moved to the Dallas area on 01 DEC 2013 mainly because the people who its fighting for me (represent me) before the federal workers comp. office or (OWCP) has a mayor network in Fort Worth. So I drove my motorhome over here and I am now living in http://www.northlakevillagerv.com…just a small plug for the old people who live in this community LOL

    Hey Jason I want to install my ham radio back only this time it will be installed in my motorhome …the last time I used my rig was in 2003 I gave all my stuff away back then but I kept my ham radio so I am now looking for a base antenna, so… Antron 99 is it even possible to hook such a large antenna in an RV?

    Do you or anyone you know has had experience on RV’s and antennas???

    Thanks Big SARGE!


    • jape says:

      No, an Antron 99 is a base station antenna. You could carry it with you and set it up at camping spots, I guess. But that antenna is for 10/11 meters, so it won’t work VHF/UHF.

      There is a class being offered for free from the Hurst Amateur Radio Club the first 2 Saturdays in February. I am bringing alot of my friends to this class and will be there myself. A post is going up about it later tonight. This would be a good way to get back into radio, and find some local hams at the same time, if you are interested.

  4. Thanks Jape,
    I completely forgot about my little antenna for VHF UHF lol
    Back in 2001 I had my rig set with 3 radios …
    1-My old cobra 148 CB
    3- Icom IC707
    and just two antennas…
    1- A decent antenna from radioshack for the vhf uhf
    2- and one antron 99 , this antenna was rigged into both my CB and HM radios
    Since I sold my VHF radio and I only have my ham radio… I want to set up a base antenna, until a start some research and also look into reviews to buy me a fancy VHF radio and antenna .

    The Class I will be tuned in as I need tons of those lol
    So for now sign me in, I know in 2014 I am having another major back surgery and I will be down for months, that’s why I want to set my radio back again.

    I will be with you guys here from now on, thanks for the welcoming and friendly advide.

    Very Respectfully,

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