HSMM-Mesh changing names

I received this email update from a fellow ham.  Thanks to Craig, N5LNX, for pointing this group out to me.  You can sign up for the Yahoo group at This Link

This isn’t new information, as it was posted in March of 2013, but I am new to this area of Ham Radio, so I wanted to share it.

Name will change to Broadband-Hamnet™ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rick Kirchhof, NG5V
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 22:46
A firmware release is scheduled in the 2nd quarter. Some major changes will be included. The list below gives a bit of detail but some changes are already in place. For example Broadband-hamnet.org or Broadbandhamnet.org already bring up this site. HSMM-MESH.org will still work but the site will now answer to both. Other things to expect are:

  • SSID changes to Broadband-HamnetV1
  • Upgrade ALL is necessary as SSID and the actual format of data flowing will be changing
  • SSID minor level (V1) will roll when succeeding firmware requires another upgrade all
  • Interoperability with Ubiquiti hand loaded systems (simple web page config for Ubiquiti comes later)
  • DNS changes from the Austin.TX.mesh style to local.mesh
  • Monthly developer meetings in Austin, known as Digital Wednesday, will soon be Webinars
  • More FAQs to be written, better documentation on the way
  • YouTube videos becoming more popular, see “videos” in left menu or search YouTube
  • More mesh elmers have joined, more are needed
  • Over 1200 registered users on the forums, rising by nearly 100/month
  • Web site hits growing at an increasing pace, Google hits for hsmm mesh search terms growing
  • QST article in July with more to follow

Watch here or in the developers newsgroup for updates