Logbook of the World

A couple of days ago I setup Logbook of the World on my laptop.  It is somewhat of an involved process to get this lotw-logo_4going – first you have to sign up at this link with your callsign information and wait for a postcard to be mailed to you.  It took about a week for my postcard to arrive.  After receiving the postcard, you have to open the same link and enter the password that is printed on top of your postcard, and this verifies your mailing address.  Once all of that is complete, you can download and install the software and start logging QSOs in the application.

I went back through my QRZ logbook last night and logged all my confirmed QSOs into LotW.  I kept the same dates and times for each call station, along with the frequencies worked.  Most of my logs up to this date are all VHF and UHF, but LotW allows you to log entries all the way up to 10GHz.  It also allows you to log Echolink and IRLP contacts under a tab called “Propagation Mode”  This tab also lists Aurora, Back Scatter, Satalite, Sporatic E and a few other transmission types, but it doesn’t list DMR.  Disappointing.  Hopefully DMR will be added soon because you can make contacts all over the world with this semi-new type of operation.

I’m looking forward to getting some contacts filled up in my log.  Next step:  get some feedline for my off-center-fed dipole and put it up in the air.