Expansion of the 33cm Ham Band in DFW

There’s been talk about 900MHz quite a bit lately, from hams talking on the 2m and 70cm repeaters, and others talking on DMR. Denton, TX has the only official (so I am told) 900MHz DMR repeater in the nation.

With the flood of 900MHz radios hitting the used market lately, the 33cm band is becoming more and more popular. I believe this is due to the wide/narrow band requirements that have changed for the commercial sector, that Part 97 operators don’t have to adhere to. However, I could be wrong about this fact for 900MHz – I know it is true for UHF though.

According to RepeaterBook there are currently 34 900MHz repeaters on the air in Texas, but I know that this number is incorrect. There are at least 2 repeaters local to DFW that aren’t showing in this list.

I’m currently working to pickup a few of the 900MHz radios myself. I will keep 1 or 2, but will offer the others to friends in the area, in hopes they become interested in this band.

Here are some radios and antennas that are popular for 900MHz. Overall, it doesn’t take much money to dive into this band for ham radio, so if you have the means, I would suggest taking the plunge – especially if you are in the DFW area.

Mobile Radios:
Kenwood TK-981
Motorola GTX 900 and LCS 2000
Motorola Spectra
Motorola MCS 2000
Motorola Maxtrac (try to avoid these, they require extensive hardware mods to use on the ham band)

HT Radios:
Motorola GTX 900
Motorola MTX 9000 and MTS 2000

Mobile Antennas:
Comet R2000
Maxrad 900MHz (search ebay)

I’ll post more about this band once I get my radio installed. I’ll also post here if I am able to obtain some working Motorola radios from a contact I have that converts these from commercial to amateur use. Hit me up here if you are interested.