Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year to everyone for 2014.

Thanks to everyone who has began reading this blog lately.  I just started it a few months ago, and it seems that it is doing quite well.  I’ve mentioned it on the air a few times, and people sometimes ask me about it, so I direct them here.

My favorite thing to see is other hams commenting on this blog.  Even if you aren’t a ham, I am glad you stopped here and I would like to hear from you.

This year, expect to see more posts on new ideas, new radios, and new topics that I pickup in this hobby.  I’m planning to get some friends and family interested in radio, and get their licenses in the Tech Class coming up in February.  I’m also going to get more exposure into HF, including PSK31.  I’m also excited to see how my homebase setup progresses this year, and will be posting more about that project on this blog.

73s to all.

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