Some additional ARC Nets in DFW

I learned about 3 new Nets that take place in this area over the weekend. I wasn’t really looking for

The first is the NCTC Area Net. This is a linked repeater system in North Central Tx. A listing of all the repeaters can be found here. Apparently they hold a Net at 7pm on Thursday nights. I plan to listen for this Net this week.

The second is the Denton County Amateur Radio Club Net on Monday nights at 8pm on the 146.92 machine. I checked into this Net last night for the first time. They had a new Net Control Operator running the Net, and it was clear he was inexperienced, but I think he did just fine for his first time. Probably better than I would have done. I expected to hear a good number of people checkin to this Net, but only heard about a 1/2 dozen. Later on in the Net, someone mentioned that the main repeater was down and that they were running on a backup repeater, so that might account for the small number of checkins. Apparently people thought the Net would be canceled because the main repeater was down. The signal sounded good from Grapevine, though.

The final Net is the Lake Area ARC Net, held on 147.38MHz on Tuesday nights at 8pm. This Net, along with the Denton Net, are held each week except the week that the clubs meeting are held. I forget which week is which, but the Denton Net was last night, so it seems their club meeting isn’t this week. However, I am told the LLARK Club has their meeting tonight, so there won’t be a Net. I might listen anyway, just to be sure.

I hope to hear from some of you on these Nets. them, I just happened to hear about them while scanning repeater frequencies over the weekend.