Wouxun: Main Trading Company Comments

In response to my post from the other day about all the Wouxun hub-bub, here are some comments from one of my favorite retailers, Main Trading Company.  MTC is right outside of the DFW metroplex; I have been in there store only once, but have seen them at several Hamfests.  Richard is a great guy to deal with, everything I have bought from him has been top-notch.  Thanks to Brick for finding this online statement before me 😉

I do have some negative stuff to report that we and the factory feel must be addressed. There was an email that went out from one of the smaller Chinese talkie dealers earlier this week. The email was very unprofessional, and negative. In the email it was said that his company could not import the radios any longer and he was having to bring them in under someone else’s name. Wild claims were made about the product, the factory and more. It sounded like he was having a bad day because he was having trouble getting product and not able to get the latest model. We feel, his email tried to slander the good name of the product because he was upset with the manufacturer because he wasn’t getting his way which again seemed to be very unprofessional.

Any Chinese products that you may see on our site are fully backed by us with a great warranty. We do not sell everything that comes down the pike. We do sell products that we have tested, beta tested with some of our great customers and put them on the market only when we feel that we can stand behind them. We have heard horror stories about folks buying some imported products with no real warranty or return policy from foreign websites pretending to be in the states or even from some popular U.S. auction sites. Some of these customers were shipped radios with foreign voltage chargers, knock offs, copies, DOA units and worse. When they found out they had to pay more than the unit cost to send it to China for warranty or deal with some crazy company here in the states working out of their extra bedroom with no real radio knowledge , the were sorely disappointed.

Please know that when dealing with us, we will help you anytime you need us. We are here in the U.S. We are the number one volume Amateur Radio dealer in the state and have been for sometime. I am not bragging here just letting you know that we hope to be here to stay. We treat people the way we like to be treated.

Thank you again for your continued business and have a great 2014,

Richard Lenoir-

Main Trading Company