Alianza DxB at IWCE 2014

So “the wait is finally over” doesn’t really mean the product is available, simply that it will be revealed in Las Vegas next month at the IWCE conference.  I checked the website at Codan Radio Communication and they don’t have anything listed for Alianza yet.  So for us consumers, it is NOT ready.  However, I am still […] Read more »


Thanks Hans for the update on this radio.  I would like to purchase and test one of these myself, but realistically I can’t see the advantage due to the price and the inability to use on analog repeaters due to no CTCSS feature on this radio.  Here is a link to the radio for sale […] Read more »

How to Program your Chinese HT Radio with CHIRP software

I’d like to start writing some “How To” articles, and I would also like others to come in as guest posters and do the same. If you have any interest in submitting a How To article, please email me at Download the CHIRP software from this link Most radios these days have programming software […] Read more »

Technician Ham Radio License Class on Feb 22

 Entry level free class to help you get your amateur radio license. Class starts Feb 22, 2014 8:30am, ends Mar 1, 2014. Details at the WC5C Ham Radio Training Page This is an entry-level, beginner class.  This class prepares the student for the FCC Technician Class Amateur Radio license.  Emergency Responders, Boy Scouts, Retirees, School Kids, Adults are […] Read more »

Some New Prices on Radios from Amazon

I periodically get emails from Amazon about updated prices and deals, sometimes close-outs or sales.  This email happened to be all radios.  They pull from your search history and since I often search for Baofeng radios, I suspect that most of these items are somewhat related to my searches.  There are some good prices here, […] Read more »