Congrats to Some New Hams!

Congratulations to the new hams listed below.  Out of the entire class, these 6 people are ones that I brought in, who I’ve known for several years.  I am glad I was able to finally talk all of them into the hobby, LOL!  All of these folks took the Technician Class offered by the Hurst Amateur Radio Club on Feb 1, Feb 8 of 2014.  In all, we had 16 new ham;  14 of them Technicians and 2 of them who passed the General exam on the same day.

I look forward to signing with you all.  

Everyone should go to the appstore for your Android or iPhone and install an app called Echolink.  Sign into it with your callsign and it will ask you to validate to an email address.  Enter your email, then check it so that it validates.  This allows your phone or tablet to connect to a repeater using Echolink and you don’t need a radio.  Not every repeater has echolink, but the ones that do, you will be able to talk on.

Emily – KG5AEE – my wife!
Doug – KG5AHE
Chris – KG5AHG
Corey – KG5AHI
Farnk – KG5AHJ
Rachel – KG5AHN