Items for your Go-Kit from Amazon

Here are 2 fitting deals from Amazon.  A Concealed Carry bag and a Radio.  Both great for your go-kit!

Tactical Case
Waterproof Concealed Carry Tactical Assault Molle Backpack w/ Holster Every Day Carry
by Roma F.C.

Price: $40.00



Baofeng 2013 Newest UV-B5 Dual Band VHF and UHF Walkie Talkie, 5-watt, Black
by BaoFeng

List Price: $59.99
Price: $39.00
You Save: $20.99 (35%)


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  1. Roger says:

    A word on the conceal carry bag – it does make a great radio bag. It’s rugged, well designed and has lots of pockets. In the year and a half that I’ve owned it, I’ve been to two events where there already was heightened police presence and I’ve received questions from the authorities concerning the bag. It would not surprise me if the police were aware of these bags and might give users special attention. On the other hand, it could be because I have white hair and wear button-down shirts. Don’t know, but I thought I’d pass along the experience.

    • jape says:

      Hi Roger, thanks for commenting.
      Most of the police officers that I have spoken with are pro-CHL. Indeed, my CHL class was taught by a Ft Worth Policeman. I’d expect these to be somewhat of a give-away for concealed carry, but if the weapon is truly concealed in this bag, then you are well within your rights to carry it this way.
      It does seem strange that they stopped and asked you about it though.

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