Technician Class Testing at the Hurst ARC


Today marks the end of the Technician Class at the Hurst ARC, and 15 potential new operators are at the final moment of truth in this photo. We had people coming from all over the metroplex to attend the class,  and from all ages. Two of our testers in this photo are under the age of 12.

On a personal note, one tester didn’t attend this class today, which is my wife Emily. She took her test earlier this week and passed with flying colors,  missing only one question on the test. Grats, Babe!

I just now looked and her callsign is ALREADY on the ULS!  She is KG5AEE.

She’s gone to bed for the night, but when she awakes in the morning I will make her get on the air and sign into the repeater, LOL.