The Amateur Radio Repeaters of Mid Cities, TX

occupations_ham_radioPreviously I had posted about repeaters in DFW that everyone should know. To narrow that down a bit, I wanted to write a post about the repeaters that I most frequent, that are nearest to me, and that everyone should have programmed into the radio, if you live-in, work-in, or ever drive through Mid Cities, TX. Mid Cities is basically defined as the area in between Dallas and Fort Worth, where Tarrant, Denton, and Dallas counties all connect. Most of the time when people think of Mid Cities, it consists of Grapevine, Colleyville, Hurst, Euless, Bedford area. Added to that I would like to include Irving, Coppell, North Richland Hills, Watauga and Keller. Flower Mound and Arlington could be considered ‘in the area’ also because this list of repeaters would work great for anyone living or driving through these cities.

This list is updated to the best of my knowledge. I pull data from Repeater Book, as well as a couple of other websites, and also from just talking on the radio to other Amateurs about which repeaters we all use. However, if I have missed anything, please let me know, I will be happy to update my list.

City Frequency CTCSS Notes
Arlington 147.14+ 110.9 Great coverage and one of the most active repeaters in Tarrant County
Bedford 442.825+ 110.9 BARC repeater
Colleyville 441.90+ 110.9 Good coverage towards the West and South
Euless 442.90+ 110.9 Not much activity but worth having in the scan list
Flower Mound 444.85+ 110.9 The most active 440 repeater around – with great coverage in all directions. Part of the N5ERS linked system – lots of activity during daily drive times.
Flower Mound 147.30+ 114.8 Linked to the 444.85 machine for those who can only talk on 2-meters
Grapevine 145.40- 110.9 Almost no activity at all but good if you and a friend want to find a repeater which isn't being used. Coverage isn't as good as the Hurst 2-meter repeater.
Hurst 147.10+ 110.9 Realistically the only active 2-meter repeater in the H-E-B-GV-Colleyville area. All other machines are 70cm that are active in this area. This repeater has great coverage in all directions and is fairly active – an active and growing club.
Irving 146.72- 110.9 Join the DFW Traffic Nets each night at 10:30pm on this repeater
Keller 443.175+ 110.9 N5CN's repeater – sometimes linked into the N5ERS system. Often connected to the only 10-meter repeater in DFW on 29.660MHz.
North Richland Hills 145.37- 110.9 Great coverage. Not as active as Hurst or Arlington but a good repeater to put in the scan list.
Southlake 442.175+ none Almost no activity at all. Probably could skip this one but I listed it anyway.
Southlake 443.075+ 110.9 Same as above – very quiet and hardly ever any activity.

The ones I listed with no activity, I just did for record keeping. They all seem to be good repeaters, but for some reason people like to pay for them to be up and active, but never use them. Focus on the ones highlighted in Bold font and you’ll have plenty of QSO opportunity.