From my Twitter Feed ‏@repeaterbook  1m 442.5750 N5GI repeater at McKinney, Texas updated by KA5POW  #hamr ‏@repeaterbook  3m 442.0250 N4MSE repeater at Dallas, Texas updated by KA5POW  #hamr ‏@repeaterbook  1m 443.4500 N4MSE repeater at Fort Worth, Texas updated by KA5POW  #hamr Amateur Radio Ecomms ‏@AmateurRadioEco  1h WATCH LIVE: Explosion, building collapse & major fire reported in East Harlem in NYC  […] Read more »

Updated 33cm Repeater List in DFW

A while back I posted about the 8  – 900MHz repeaters in this area, and since then some more have some online, so I wanted to post an updated post with the complete list of 33cm repeaters for Dallas/Ft.Worth.  This list will change in time, as new repeaters come online.  I am told there is […] Read more »

New 900MHz Repeater in McKinney TX

Repost from the AR900mhz Yahoo Group, concerning the 900MHz repeater in McKinney, TX: As of today a new repeater on 927.1625, DPL 432 is alive and well. It is located in McKinney, antenna at 800 feet AGL. After a few days of testing it will be linked full time to the Dallas machine on 927.0625.  This repeater is part of […] Read more »

Havis Console in the Mobile Station

I posted a while back about my mobile station in my 2004 Ford F-250.  Yesterday, I finally received my mounting bracket for my Kenwood TK-981 radio in the mail from ResponderPSE.  I had ordered this at the end of January, but it was back-ordered (something their website didn’t tell me) Anyway, I got the bracket […] Read more »

New Release: Wouxun KG-UV8D Dual Band HT Radio

Thanks to Brick for the first post I saw, and also to Matt over at for this new post this morning. Matt states: Behold the new Wouxun KG-UV8D. While rumors of an upgraded Wouxun HT have been out for awhile, we have received confirmation from several sources that the KG-UV8D 144/440 version will be […] Read more »

Every Baofeng You’ll Ever Need

Like they do so often, Amazon has updated prices on Baofeng Radios.  Listed below are pretty much all the Baofeng radios you will ever want or need.  I think I have all of them >.> Actually that isn’t true, I never have purchased a UV-5R, which is the most popular one.  But it isn’t anything […] Read more »