DFW Area CodePlugs for 900MHz 33cm Radios

Last week I heard someone mention an idea, which I actually have had before but never acted upon, to post a DFW regional codeplug for 900MHz, possibly also for DMR.  Given that fact, I wanted to create a post and share my codeplugs for both the Kenwood TK-981 900MHz radio, and the Motorola XPR-4580 900MHz radio.  You will need software to install these codeplugs onto your radio, which I am not at liberty to share.  However, if you have the software, or know someone who does, you can take these codeplugs and load them into either of these radios, then you will have all the known-working 900MHz repeaters in the DFW area.

More information will be added to these plugs as more repeaters come online.  If you would like to see something added, please inform me of the frequency and PL tone, and I will be happy to add it.

Click the links below to download each codeplug.

Kenwood TK-981 – updated with the Belton TX repeater which is currently unlisted in RepeaterBook

Motorola XPR4580 – I am still working on this codeplug – I’m told that different firmware versions aren’t compatible with one another, so trying to confirm.