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KB6NU has a good idea with posting some links from his Twitter feed into a blog post.  So I thought that I would follow suit.  Here are some of the latest posts from my Twitter feed, including one that I made.  So go follow @KC5HWB please.


New post on  : Just because you take lessons, doesn’t mean you suck…


10 meter again: First I received only PA4PS. He must have a good antenna I…  #hamradio #hamr


The KC5FM Daily #ARRL #hamradio is out!  Stories via @Tarantino4me @SantaFeOEM @firefaqs


Just busted the pileup for W1AW/7 on 10107 kHz.


Well that only took 3 months but they’re on now. #hamradio


You might be a HAM if when you tell your wife that 20 meters is dead she sighs & asks, “How much will that cost to fix?” #AmateurRadio #hamr