Pre-Order your new Icom ID-5100 Dual Band Radio

If anyone watches blogs or websites about upcoming Amateur Radio Gear, then you know about the new Icom ID-5100. Due to drop sometime in the next month (rumor has it) the price is still widely unknown. Hans has a suggested retail price listed, but those could either change, or might be different depending on which country you’re planning to buy in.

I’ve spoke to Gigaparts over their online customer chat interface, and they aren’t sure of the release date, or at least they aren’t sharing it. Both their site and HRO are offering the rig for pre-sale. At each site, you can pay $35 to reserve one of the first radios. At Gigaparts, the $35 goes towards the price of the radio. I assume HRO is the same, but I haven’t confirmed that with them.


I want to reserve one myself, and I might go ahead and do it, but I haven’t decided yet. I am afraid that the final retails cost of this radio is going to be too high. I’ve been wanting to get into DSTAR for a while now, and this radio, with the extra Android remote control and touchscreen features, would make a great radio to use for DSTAR. However, I am unsure of reserving at this point in time. Icom radios are great radios, but they are over-priced compared to other radios on the market that all have basically the same features. Besides DSTAR, this radio doesn’t have anything that you can’t find in a Yaesu or Kenwood radio. And I am not 100% convinced that DSTAR is going to last much longer with the advent of DMR. However, even if DMR does kill DSTAR, as I predict, it will be quite some time before DSTAR really goes away, just because of how integrated it is in the current market. Time will tell.

Planned Features
• Large, responsive touch screen LCD
• Optional UT-133 Bluetooth unit enables audio accessory connection and Android terminal connection (CI-V via Bluetooth SPP profile).
• Optional VS-3 Bluetooth pendant earpiece microphone has volume adjust buttons, PTT and three programmable buttons. Third party Bluetooth audio accessories may also be compatible (not guaranteed).
• RS-MS1A Android application will be a free to use download. It controls the radio for DR mode operation, exchanging text messages/pictures and showing GPS location over Google Maps.
• Two independent receivers with simultaneous receive capable VU/VV/UU
• 50W output power on both VHF and UHF Bands
• Enhanced DR mode (also include analogue repeaters)
• Added “Nearby Repeater Scan” in DR scan function
• D-Plus reflector usability (can select “reflector” in TO field)
• DV Dual Watch for simultaneously waiting in two DV voice streams (decodes one only)
• Home button (same as ID-51 feature)
• D-PRS enhancements (details to be announced)
• 1,000 memory channels
• Built-in GPS engine (inside the controller, no EXT antenna possible)
• ESN (Electronic Serial Number) / SD Card slot (in the black box main unit).
• New HM-207 control microphone is supplied as standard.
• Wideband receiver: 118-137MHz(AM), 137-174/380-479MHz

These are still preliminary details of the new radio series and specifications may change. Please stay tuned to our website for further details, pricing and availability.