New Accessories for the Baofeng UV-82

If you own a Baofeng, but don’t have the BaoFeng UV-82, you are likely missing out on the best radio they offer.  I wrote a review on the BaoFeng UV-82 at this link, and in short, it is more durable, has a better signal, better antenna, and easier to use than the UV-5R.  I’ve yet to see a bad review on the UV-82, to date.

Baofeng UV-82 on eBay

Lately Baofeng has finally starting making some accessories for this model.  The previous accessories for the UV-5R won’t fit this model because the form factor is different, so the UV-82 accessories are each unto their own.  Check these good prices from Amazon:


BaoFeng Dual (PTT) Speaker Mic for UV-82 Series



BaoFeng UV-82 Battery Eliminator with DC Adapter


BaoFeng Tech Bluetooth Adapter – Bluetooth for BaoFeng, Wouxun, Kenwood Radios