New DMR Repeater in Mid Cities, Texas

Soon, hopefully within the next week, one of the NETARC UHF repeaters will be converted to a new DMR repeater in Mid Cities, for the DFW area.DMR Repeater in Mid Cities  This repeater is a Motorola XPR repeater that has been running in Analog mode for some time on 443.875MHz.  I don’t have lots of details, but it was recently decided to convert this repeater to digital and use it as DMR.

This will be a welcome addition to the two current DMR repeaters in the area, one in Denton and one in Dallas.  (There is a 3rd DMR repeater in Dallas on 900MHz, but in this post I am talking about 440 repeaters).  There has also been talk about a UHF DMR repeater going up in the Fort Worth area, and in the McKinney area.  If/When this happens, it should provide fantastic DMR coverage over the DFW area, with many hams being able to key a DMR repeater from most places on an HT.

So now is the time to get your DMR radio.  One of the more popular radios has been the Connect Systems CS700, mostly due to its price and availability.  I blogged about that radio a while back.  You can buy them directly from the vendor at their website for $180.  They currently only have the CS700 UHF HT version, but are in process of working on a VHF version, mobile version, and a hybrid DMR/DSTAR radio that they are calling the CS7000.  I’ll probably pickup a CS7000 because I have never had a DSTAR radio, but I am more looking forward to the mobile UHF radio that has been promised for this year.

Sign up for the CS7000 Yahoo Group at this link.