Upgrading to a 170AH Lead Acid Battery

Last week at the Hurst ARC Monthly Meeting, a friend told me about some used batteries over at Tanner’s Electronics. These are 170AH (amp hour) Lead-Acid batteries, which weigh about 120lbs each. And the best part? They sell for $125 each.

A few months back I bought a brand-new 60AH battery for Sam’s for $150, which is what I am currently using to run all the radios in the shack. I have a Schumacher battery maintainer that I keep connected to the battery, to constantly maintain the charge. Eventually I plan to use solar panels to maintain the battery, but one step at a time 😉

When I heard about the 170AH Lead Acid Battery at Tanners for $125, I asked some more questions and found that they were used batteries, but they also have a 90-day warranty from Tanner’s. I was also hoping they were AGM, but these will do just fine.  I drove down to Tanner’s today and spoke to one of the owners. According to him, all of these batteries have been tested by a testing company (he told me the name but I don’t remember) and they all tested “like new”. These batteries have a shelf-life of 12 years, so he expects them to last 10-12 years. For $125, that is a great deal. I am hoping to go pickup 1-2 more of them next month.

170AH Lead Acid Battery

I’ll post more about some solar and wind power projects that I want to work on soon. Eventually my goal is to have my house on 100% solar power. If nothing else, it will increase the re-sale value of the home when we list it as “never have to pay an electric bill” LOL.

Also, this is a cool online calculator app for figuring Amp Hours and Watts used – http://ep.yimg.com/ty/cdn/sports-imports/BatterydrainCalc.html