Upgrading to a 170AH Lead Acid Battery

Last week at the Hurst ARC Monthly Meeting, a friend told me about some used batteries over at Tanner’s Electronics. These are 170AH (amp hour) Lead-Acid batteries, which weigh about 120lbs each. And the best part? They sell for $125 each.

A few months back I bought a brand-new 60AH battery for Sam’s for $150, which is what I am currently using to run all the radios in the shack. I have a Schumacher battery maintainer that I keep connected to the battery, to constantly maintain the charge. Eventually I plan to use solar panels to maintain the battery, but one step at a time 😉

When I heard about the 170AH Lead Acid Battery at Tanners for $125, I asked some more questions and found that they were used batteries, but they also have a 90-day warranty from Tanner’s. I was also hoping they were AGM, but these will do just fine.  I drove down to Tanner’s today and spoke to one of the owners. According to him, all of these batteries have been tested by a testing company (he told me the name but I don’t remember) and they all tested “like new”. These batteries have a shelf-life of 12 years, so he expects them to last 10-12 years. For $125, that is a great deal. I am hoping to go pickup 1-2 more of them next month.

170AH Lead Acid Battery

I’ll post more about some solar and wind power projects that I want to work on soon. Eventually my goal is to have my house on 100% solar power. If nothing else, it will increase the re-sale value of the home when we list it as “never have to pay an electric bill” LOL.

Also, this is a cool online calculator app for figuring Amp Hours and Watts used – http://ep.yimg.com/ty/cdn/sports-imports/BatterydrainCalc.html


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  1. Jim Erickson says:

    These are backup batteries for cell towers, they are designed for low discharge rate for several days, so the plates are on the thin side. Should work well as long as you don’t pull or push a lot of current thru them..

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