Upgrading the Mobile Station Again

I’ve posted before about the Havis Console in my truck, and the radios that I currently have installed in it.  It is a Havis Console that is 12″ long.  Just yesterday, I purchased the larger version that is 18″ long. Here is a link to the item – HAVIS SHIELDS 18″CENTER CONSOLE HOUSING PART # C-1800-H

This will allow me to put all of my radios on the inside of the case, plus add some more items like a Cup Holder, the 3 12V POWER POINT that I already bought, and maybe even a few more radios!

I’d like to find a better way to mount my Mirage Amp in the console, and an HF rig.  My Icom 706MKIIG will eventually go into the truck, once I get another HF rig for the shack.  I’m still undecided about which radio to get, though.

Havis 18 Console