Dayton Hamvention Preparations

Dayton Hamvention is right around the corner; about 10 days away, and I am getting prepped.  This will be my first trip to Dayton for the hamfest, and I am very much looking forward to it.  My plan and hope is to have enough time to live-blog from the Hamvention, and also post some videos and pictures.

In preparation for the trip, I’ll the packing the following items:

  1. My brand new Wouxun KG-UV8D Dual Band HT radio.  The DARA talk-in Repeaters are 146.94 (-), alternate 146.64 (-). Dayton Hams also monitor 223.94 (-) and 442.1 (+)
  2. Given the above info, I will also take my Alinco DT-G29T radio to use on the 223.94 machine, as well as any 900MHz work that might be done there.
  3. My CS700 for DMR work.  I’ll be setting up the codeplug from the CSIDMR Yahoo Group to work DMR UHF while in the area.

I’ll try to wear my callsign cap most of the time I am there.  If you see me, please stop and say hello.  I will not have a vendor table at this Hamfest, I am going simply as a patron.

I’m looking forward to seeing the DMR booth, the CSI booth, and Ed from Import Communications.  There will be lots of other folks to meet, and new products to see, and I will try to gather all the information I can.  Be sure to check for my posts during the event.

dayton hamvention